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Organized Industry Will Have A Plaza Factory!

Organized Industry will have a plaza factory. PULSAR Construction will pioneer a distinct revolution in industrial complexes with its infrastructure, location, design and technology. The company is prepared for investing in TRIOS 2023. Sami Bektaş, Chairman of The Board of Directors of the company, provided the following information about the project: "Turkey’s economic goals for the year 2023 require modern investments in every field. TRIOS 2023 kicks off with the vision of being the pioneer of the modern and solid industrial infrastructure projects meeting the requirements of such goals. The project will be one of the most contemporary complexes in the world. The project was designed to meet the requirements of industrialists with its 7 meter high ceilings, powerful concrete system and vehicle roads that can accommodate 3 trucks next to each other."

Name of Publication : Sabah
Date of Publication : 08.05.2014