Pulsar Construction

Pulsar Yaşam Alanları A.Ş. is a company jointly formed by 5 companies which are members of the board of directors of Askon in order to realize modern project in industrial and housing sectors.

Being aware of the fact that the advancement achieved in the housing sector in our country is yet to be reached in the construction of industrial facilities, Pulsar Yaşam Alanları A.Ş. aims at realizing modern projects particularly in organized industrial zones. The first of these projects is Trios 2023 located in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone. The project planned in a construction area of more than 301.000 m2 in three blocks has the infrastructure, technology and social areas that would pioneer the industrial projects both in İkitelli and in Turkey. Pulsar Yaşam Alanları will continue to produce modern industrial projects in particular in order to contribute Turkey’s strategic goals for 2023.


Our mission as Pulsar Yaşam Alanları A.Ş. is to create industrial facilities in an integrated manner considering the needs of the people to populate them. According to us, where there is production, there is life and where there is life, there is production.


We adopted the 2023 vision accepted by The Republic of Turkey as state policy as the vision of our company. In particular, transformation of the industrial facilities located in production areas into modern projects simultaneously with urban transformation and construction of new industrial facilities are our prioritized goal considering the contribution of such facilities to export volume of our country.